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Muhajirs in US launch ‘Free Karachi’ campaign

In the United States, a group of Muhajirs have launched a ‘Free Karachi’ campaign to highlight the alleged state-sponsored atrocities against their community in the port city of Pakistan.

The protesters displaying banners took part in the Martin Luther parade in Washington yesterday to raise awareness on the alleged state-sponsored atrocities against Muhajirs and other ethnic communities and minorities in Karachi.

Former convener of Muhajir’s mainstream political party, Muttahida Quami Movement, Nadeem Nusrat said, they want an immediate end to the human rights violations of the people of Karachi, free from the control of Islamabad and from atrocities of the security forces.

The protesters said, they would approach Congressmen, policy makers and President Donald Trump to raise their issue. The term ‘Muhajir’ is used to describe the Urdu-speaking immigrants who left India in 1947 and went to Pakistan. A large chunk of them settled in the Sindh province.

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