Netherlands backs UNSC, NSG bids

Netherlands backs UNSC, NSG bids



  1. The Netherlands on Tuesday backed India’s early entry into the NSG and other multilateral export control regimes, and supported the country’s bid for a permanent UN Security Council seat
  2. Prime Minister Modi thanked the Netherlands for its role in India’s accession to the Missile Technology Control Regime in June 2016

Support to India:

  1. The Netherlands expressed its support for India’s early membership to the 48-member NSG and the Wassenaar Arrangement
  2. For the Australia Group, the Netherlands welcomed India’s recent application for membership

Solar alliance:

  1. Mr. Modi invited the Netherlands to join the International Solar Alliance

Importance of Netherlands:

  1. With 20 per cent of India’s exports to Europe entering through the Netherlands, both leaders discussed the role of the Netherlands as India’s ‘Gateway to Europe’


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