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97th Constitution amendment

In a major boost for federalism, the Supreme Court has struck down parts of the 97th Constitution amendment which shrank the exclusive authority of States over their cooperative societies.


  • The 97th constitutional amendment, which dealt with issues related to the effective management of cooperative societies in the country.
  • It was passed by Parliament in December 2011 and had come into effect from February 15, 2012.
  • Part IXB, introduced in the Constitution through the 97th Amendment of 2012, dictated the terms for running cooperative societies.
  • The provisions in the amendment went to the extent of determining the number of directors a society should have or their length of tenure and even the necessary expertise.

 Recent Judgement

  • In a majority judgment, the supreme court has held that cooperative societies come under the “exclusive legislative power” of State legislatures.
  • The judgment may be significant in the background of fears voiced by the States whether the new Central Ministry of Cooperation would disempower them.
  • The change in the Constitution has amended Article 19(1)(c) to give protection to the cooperatives and inserted Article 43 B and Part IX B, relating to them.
  • The Centre has contended that the provision does not denude the States of its power to enact laws with regard to cooperatives.
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