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ED (Enforcement Directorate) Requests Apple’s Assistance to Unlock CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Phone; Daily Questioning Extends for 5 Hours

CM Arvind Kejriwal’s

Investigators from the Enforcement Directorate (ED), who have been holding Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in custody for over a week, have reached out to Apple seeking help to unlock his iPhone, sources revealed. The ED lacks electronic evidence against the Chief Minister from personal computers or desktops, but they have confiscated four mobile phones, including Kejriwal’s. During questioning, Kejriwal mentioned that accessing his phone data and chats would reveal AAP’s electoral strategy and alliances.

The ED has officially contacted Apple for access to Kejriwal’s iPhone but was informed that a password is required. Kejriwal stated that he has had this phone for about a year and no longer possesses the device used during the drafting of the liquor policy in 2020-2021.

Kejriwal undergoes daily questioning sessions lasting about five hours, according to senior officials. The ED intends to seek a four-day extension of his remand, failing which they would request judicial custody. The Central Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the underlying offence in the case, may also seek custodial remand.

Allegations against Kejriwal involve money laundering through the new liquor policy and illegal funds amounting to Rs 100 crore, of which Rs 45 crore allegedly went towards AAP’s 2021-22 election campaign in Goa. During custody, Kejriwal has been confronted with individuals linked to the case, including C Arvind, former PS to jailed Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. Kejriwal denied specific instructions to officials and politicians, citing a high volume of daily meetings.

In response to N D Gupta’s statement implicating him in AAP’s financial affairs, Kejriwal refuted the claim, asserting limited knowledge about the party’s financial matters or election funding patterns.

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