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Gulf Monarchies Caution US Against Using Bases for Retaliation Amid Iran Tensions

According to sources, tensions are escalating in the Middle East as Gulf monarchies are reportedly urging the United States to refrain from utilizing American military bases on their territories for potential retaliatory actions in case of an Iranian attack on Israel.

A senior US official, speaking anonymously to Middle East Eye, disclosed that US Gulf allies are actively engaged in efforts to dissociate themselves from any US response against Tehran or its proxies from bases within their kingdoms.

As the situation intensifies, countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, and Kuwait are closely examining the details of basing agreements that permit thousands of US troops to be stationed in the region. Additionally, they are taking measures to prevent US warplanes from utilizing their airspace for any retaliatory strikes on Iran.

Over the course of decades, the United States has heavily invested in military bases in the Gulf region due to their proximity to Iran, which has made them convenient launch sites against the Islamic Republic, as noted by current and former US officials speaking to Middle East Eye.

These developments underscore the delicate diplomatic balancing act underway in the region as Gulf states navigate their strategic relationships with both the United States and Iran amidst heightened tensions.

Source: Middle East Eye

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