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Indian Ordnance Factories Services, All Details, Roles, Hiring Process & Salary Structure

Indian Ordnance Factories Services 2024, All Details, Roles, Hiring Process & Salary Structure

An important civil service institution in India is the Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS), Group ‘A’. The Assistant Works Manager, Administration at IOFS is one of the key roles in this service. Let’s discuss who can apply for this job at IOFS, what they will do there, how much they will be paid there, what training they will receive there, and how much room they will have for future career advancement at IOFS.

Eligibility for the Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS) by 2024
You must fulfill certain requirements in order to apply for the post of Assistant Works Manager, Administration at IOFS, Group “A.”

Requirements: Age: To be eligible for IOFS, you must be between the ages of 21 and 30. You may receive an extension in IOFS if you fall into one of the reserved categories.
Education: To be eligible for IOFS, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology from an accredited university. If you could also specialize in either production management or industrial management within IOFS, that would be fantastic.
Number of Attempts: OBC and SC/ST applicants may attempt the test more than six times in IOFS, however candidates in the general category may only attempt it once.
Nationality: In order to use IOFS, you must be an Indian citizen.
Physical Requirement: The Indian Ordnance Factories in IOFS have established some physical requirements that must be met.

Positions and Accountabilities
One of your duties as an Assistant Works Manager, Administration in IOFS is to manage administrative functions inside the organization. This includes purchasing items, allocating funds, managing personnel, and allocating resources.
– Ensuring compliance with IOFS regulations: It is your responsibility to ensure that all parties abide by the laws and regulations imposed by the IOFS administration.
– Cooperating with others in IOFS: To ensure that everything goes according to plan in IOFS, you will have to collaborate with a variety of departments, organizations, and individuals.
– Future planning in IOFS: You will assist in creating long-range plans that will support the expansion and development of the organization in IOFS.
IOFS money management: In charge of the budget, you will ensure that the company uses its funds prudently in IOFS.

Should you be chosen for IOFS, Group “A,” you will receive training to acquire the requisite abilities and comprehension in IOFS. This comprises:
– Foundation Course: An instruction course covering many facets of technical abilities, management, and administration in IOFS.
– Departmental Training: specialized instruction in areas such as management, production scheduling, and quality control in IOFS that are relevant to the operations of ordnance factories.
– Field Training: Under the guidance of IOFS officers with requisite expertise, you will gain hands-on training in various departments of ordnance factories.
Programs for the Development of Leadership: Programs that enhance your decision-making, communication, and leadership abilities in IOFS.


Pay Scales and Grades – Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)
It would be of interest to all candidates to learn about the cadre’s pay scales and promotion opportunities prior to committing to a Group ‘A’ service.
The grades and corresponding pay scales for IOFS are listed in the table below.

Grade Designation Pay Scale
In the field In HQ
Junior Time Scale Assistant Works Manager Assistant Director 15600 – 39100 + Grade Pay 5400
Senior Time Scale Works Manager Deputy Director 15600 – 39100 + Grade Pay 6600
Senior Time Scale (Non-Functional) Deputy General Manager Joint Director 15600 – 39100 + Grade Pay 7600
Junior Administrative Grade (Functional) Joint General Manager Director 37400 – 67000 + Grade Pay 8700
Senior Administrative Grade Additional General Manager / Principal Director / Regional Director / General Manager / Regional Controller of Safety Deputy Director-General 37400 – 67000 + Grade Pay 10000
Higher Administrative Grade Senior General Manager / Senior Principal Director Senior Deputy Director-General 67000 – 79000
Higher Administrative Grade + Additional Director General and Member of the Board 75500 – 80000
Apex Director General Ordnance Factories (DGOF) and Chairman of the Ordnance Factories Board 80000 (fixed)

Ordnance Factories
There are forty-one Ordnance Factories located in twenty-four distinct places across the nation.
The list of ordnance manufacturers in each state is shown in the table below.

State/UT Number of factories
Maharashtra 10
Uttar Pradesh 9
Madhya Pradesh 6
Tamil Nadu 6
West Bengal 4
Uttaranchal 2
Telangana 1
Orissa 1
Bihar 1
Chandigarh 1

Employment Prospects:
Group “A” in IOFS Administration, Assistant Works Manager, provides numerous employment options. Here are some crucial details to be aware of:
-Promotions: In IOFS, you can advance from Junior Scale to Higher Administrative Grade if you perform well and acquire experience.
-Difficult Roles: As part of the administration and management of the ordnance factories in IOFS, you will be required to perform a variety of challenging jobs.
– Job Security: In IOFS, you’ll have a stable job with benefits provided by the government.
– Professional Development: IOFS offers training programs in IOFS to assist you in developing professionally.
– Transferability: You might be relocated, giving you the opportunity to visit various industries and regions of the nation in IOFS.
-Leadership Opportunities: As you advance in your career, you may be able to oversee teams and departments within IOFS.
-Learning new things: IOFS will teach you about money, logistics, human resources, production, and management.
-Research and Development: You can participate in initiatives aimed at enhancing IOFS manufacturing through research and development.
-International Collaboration: In IOFS, you can have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other nations.
-Benefits of serving in the civil service include accommodation, travel, healthcare, and pensions in the Indian Ocean Fleet.
-Aiding the nation: In IOFS, you will be instrumental in bolstering the nation’s security and defense.
-Work-Life Balance: IOFS respects your personal space and allows you to spend time with your loved ones and other IOFS activities.
-Prestige and Recognition: In IOFS, participation in this service is valued and seen as significant.

In Summary
An excellent option for a career in the Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS) is the job of Assistant Works Manager, Administration in Group “A.” Along with having a rewarding career, you will support IOFS development and the nation’s defense. At IOFS, you’ll get training, significant responsibility, a competitive compensation, and opportunities for professional advancement. Good working conditions, employment stability, and the opportunity to influence the defense industry are all offered by the IOFS. You can have a fulfilling career that combines administrative expertise with serving the country in IOFS by enrolling in this service.

FAQs Indian Ordnance Factories Services 2024 (IOFS)

How can I become an IOFS member?
Technical positions are filled through the Engineering Service Examination, whereas non-technical ones are filled through the Civil Service Examination. Information on IOFS functions, pay scales, grades, and career opportunities is shared in the article.

What is the IOFS UPSC qualification?
Learning: For IOFS, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology from an accredited university. If you could also specialize in either production management or industrial management within IOFS, that would be fantastic.

What are the requirements to be eligible for Ordnance Factory?
In order to be considered for these roles, candidates must have completed additional requirements, including training and practical experience in Ordnance Factories, particularly in the production and handling of military explosives and ammunition, as well as previous experience as an Ex-Apprentice in the AOCP trade (NCTVT).

What does the Ordnance Factory do?
The Ordnance Factory Board conducts research, development, testing, production, marketing, and logistics for a wide range of products related to air, land, and marine systems.

Is Ordnance Factory a government or private company?
The Government of India has decided to corporatize the operations of the 41 production units (Ordnance Factories) of the Ordnance Factory Board (“OFB”), operating under the Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence (“DDP”), as determined by the Union Cabinet on June 16, 2021.

How many IFS are chosen each year?
35 officers
Every year, there are extremely few openings for IFS officers. The Indian Foreign Services is exclusive to high rank holders. Typically, about 35 policemen are chosen to complete the required training and be hired as police officers.

What is the Ordnance Factory selection procedure?
The merit list will serve as the foundation for selection. For the NON-ITI and EX-ITI categories, separate merit lists will be created.

Does DRDO oversee Ordnance Factory?
The largest and most established departmentally run production organization in the nation is the Indian Ordnance Factories Organization.The Ministry of Defence’s Department of Defence Production oversees the organization.

Where is Ordnance Factory headquarters located?
OFB was established in 1775, and its main office is located in Kolkata’s Ayudh Bhawan. Spread across India, OFB is made up of 41 Ordnance Factories, 9 Training Institutes, 3 Regional Marketing Centers, and 5 Regional Controllerates of Safety.










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